The Movement is Growing: Thanks to You!

blog-wtcountryThanks to caring parents and schools across the country, The Movement for better, healthier school lunch is growing by leaps and bounds! Looks like the word is out! We have received hundreds of requests from passionate entrepreneurs who want to bring our healthy school solution to their communities. We are thrilled to announce that so far this year, we have added a total of eleven new locations:

  • 4 in Colorado: Colorado Springs and Denver
  • 1 in Florida: Ft. Lauderdale
  • 1 in Georgia: Augusta
  • 1 in Idaho: Boise
  • 1 in Minnesota: Minneapolis
  • 1 in Pennsylvania: York
  • 2 in Texas: Austin and Houston

We are humbled by all the interest and excitement brewing across America, and look forward to expanding The Movement to many more locations later this year! If you know of a school or city that is ready to make student health a priority, please just let us know. We will reach out to them and get the process started. School lunch was never like this!

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