Celebrate Earth Month


There is a fine line between the health of the Earth and our own health. Since mother Earth provides us with the fresh foods we need for nourishment, we will celebrate Her this month by focusing on nature’s bounty.  At WT Café, we will also celebrate YOU this month, and all the ways your school and others like it around the country are fighting hard to create a healthier food system for our children.

WT Café plays a vital role in bringing health into our communities. We focus on serving fresh fruits and vegetables everyday.  Each WT Café location sources local produce to ensure our menu reflects what is in season and therefore as nutritionally dense as possible.  During the week of April 20th, Earth Week, we will showcase our fresh from scratch meals with a focus on veggie-rich lunch choices and invite you to participate by increasing the amount of antioxidants, lycopene, and Vitamin C in your child's diet this week!

Try our Farm Fresh Vegetable Soup made with the seasonal spring veggies that begin to appear in markets nationwide!  Also on our Earth Week menu is our Roasted Vegetable Couscous tossed with our richly flavored, house-made seasonings. This dish is a great vegetarian option that showcases the variety of magnificent flavors that in-season veggies offer.  Many more vegetarian options are also available this week, and of course we would be remiss not to tempt you with a delightful vegetarian dessert: crisp apples with our decadent, hand crafted caramel dip. The perfect ending to an amazing lunch.

Hungry yet?

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