Celebrating the Lunar New Year with Traditional Delicacies!


At WT Café we’re excited to celebrate the Lunar New Year with millions across the world.  Food is symbolic of rich history and tradition, and we love finding new and exciting reasons to expand our menu!  The Lunar New Year gives us good reason.  It is a 15 day celebration that begins this year on February 19th.

Where did this holiday originate?  Born out of fear and myth, an ancient Chinese legend tells the story of a wild beast named “Nien” (which actually translates to “year”) that used to attack Chinese villages at the end of each year. The villagers turned to loud noises and bright lights to scare Nien away, and the tradition was born.

Today, the Lunar New Year is observed by millions in not only China but also Indonesia, Malaysia, and many other countries. The festival is filled with customs intent on bringing people together. The first week of the New Year features the second day of the New Year when time is to be spent with immediate family and in-laws and the seventh day of the New Year is a time to throw parties in celebration of everyone’s birthday.

Of course, what kind of event would it be without some delectable edibles?  Traditional Lunar New Year delicacies include: Gok Jai which are cookie pockets filled with peanuts, coconut, and sesame, Nan Gao (rice pudding), and Jau Goks (crispy dumplings). The festival closes on March 5th this year with the famous and beautiful Lantern Festival. The Lantern Festival officially marks the ending of the New Year festivities by illuminating the night sky with millions of lanterns.  Lucky you if you can catch one where you live.  It’s a magical event.

WT Café can help you start your Lunar New Year off right with some exciting from-scratch choices such as our signature Asian Salad made with romaine, edamame, shredded carrots, and our tangy house-made Asian Ginger dressing.  Also debuting this month is our Chicken and Veggie Potstickers served with our WT soy dipping sauce and our brand new Wonton Soup!   With WT Café, the celebration can continue throughout the month of February and your children can join the millions across the world ringing in the Lunar New Year.  That’s what we love about food….if you do it right, there’s never a dull moment.

Happy New Year!

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