Fresh Out of The Test Kitchen

Over the summer, we held one of our most exciting projects to date: our first ever WT Café Test Kitchen. We created our test kitchen in order to reinforce our commitment to serving fresh, nutritious, and exciting food to every child, everywhere! We experimented with our recipes every day in an effort to make them healthier AND tastier. Our panel of kid testers were fun to work with and they enjoyed tasting our recipes. Now, after separating the best from the rest, we’re ready to share these new menu items with you too!  Hop online to check out your school’s fall menu. You won’t believe all the new items we’ve cooked up to make lunchtime exciting again!



Through the years, we’ve become classic DIYers. If the product our customers want cannot be sourced, we make it ourselves!  In our case, that means crafting our own sauces, dressings, and marinades in order to avoid the chemicals so common in food today. As a result, we have an extraordinary collection of tasty recipes made with real, healthful ingredients.


We don’t stop at sauces. Now, we’re introducing our very own house-made Strawberry Jam! So when you order our Sunbutter & Jelly Sandwich, you know that your child is eating the freshest and purest jam available! Pretty sweet!


How about pickles? We’re now making our very own pickle chips too! Most pickles out there are colored with an array of artificial food coloring chemicals. YUCK! We do not want that junk anywhere near our kitchens! When your kids eat WT Café, they will be eating pickles that were made in a local kitchen with 100% natural ingredients. They will taste the difference!


Day after day, year after year, we continue to make our food as healthy and delicious as we can so that you don’t have to worry about what your children are eating. WT Café has the food kids love from the name parents trust.  That’s our Brand Promise to you!

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