Healthy Holiday Eating and Family Cooking Tips


Just because the holidays are here again doesn’t mean the days of healthy eating have temporarily come to an end. While this time of year is full of delectable treats, there are always healthy eating options available to you and your family.  You just have to look harder for them, or create them yourself!

For a start, you can try incentivizing your child to snack on healthy goodies like whole grain crackers, fruit, or raw vegetables before the big feast.  Try placing these healthier choices in front of your kids when they are first hungry, as that increases the likelihood that they will eat them!  Make a big deal out of these yummy “appetizers” so your child is excited to try them. Dining on holiday favorites such as fudge, cookies, and other baked goods is ok, but try to monitor consumption and encourage your kids to eat them in small portions.

The holidays are the perfect time to bring out those vintage family favorite recipes, and whip up something extra special for a large family feast or even a late night snack by the fire. While cooking with kids in the kitchen can sometimes be a difficult task, there are some dishes the little ones can help with and make it fun for the whole family. Some recipes children should be able to help with in the kitchen include: appetizers, side dishes, holiday cookies, and baked breads. Helping to create their favorite holiday sweets while spending time together in the kitchen with mom and dad is wonderful way for families to make the holiday season extra special…and extra wholesome!

Follow the link to learn about some kid-friendly recipes you and your little ones can make together during the holiday season:  Bon appetit!

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