New evidence that fast food is bad for kids’ learning


Life moves pretty fast sometimes, and we’re often left trying to play catch-up. One area families try to save time in their busy lives is meal preparation. Being able to skip making breakfast, lunch, or dinner can be a huge time saver for parents. Unfortunately this usually does more harm than good. For years fast food consumption has been linked to childhood obesity, now new concerns are being raised about feeding our little ones fast food as opposed to healthy home cooked meals. A recent “study published in Clinical Pediatrics…suggests that children who eat regularly at McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, and the like don’t perform as well at school as their peers.” The study measured more than 8,500 American students at the age of 10 and then compared those results at the age of 13. What they discovered was quite alarming. For example, in Science “schoolchildren who never ate fast food scored 83 points, compared to an average of 79 points for those who ate it every day.” The study suggests these results occurred because of the effect fast food has on brain chemistry, “such as a lack of iron which leads to slower development…” What makes these numbers even more disturbing is just how often school-aged children consume fast food. Researchers noted in their study that of the students they sampled, 52% of them had eaten fast food as much as three times in the previous week.

While we occasionally find ourselves short of time, studies like this show us just how important it is to provide our little ones with healthy eating options. For more information on the findings of the study, follow the link:

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