Staying Healthy During the Holidays


Can you believe it?  The holidays are here! And while it’s a season of sharing and giving, much of the time, it’s also the season for indulging.  Candy, cookies, cakes…and lots of BIG meals. Without totally denying our kids (and ourselves), there are a few things we advise parents to do so you can keep your family’s eating habits in check during the season.

  1. Stay Active Together
    Time off of school and work means you’ll have a few days to fill. Walk to the park, make an obstacle course in the backyard, play in the snow, rake leaves into piles perfect for jumping…make time for outdoor activities every day.
  2. Out of Sight, Out of Mind
    It’s tough, with all of the wonderful seasonal treats…but if you don’t keep sweets in your house, you won’t have to deny yourself or your kids every time you see something.
  3. Snack Healthy
    With everyone off of a regular routine, it’s easy to want to nibble all day. So stock up with healthy snacks—mandarin oranges, part-skim string cheese, whole-wheat crackers, and granola bars are favorites for kids and adults alike.
  4. Bake Healthy Treats
    Cookies and candies are fun to make (and eat), but this year, do something a little different by baking up some healthier treats. Granola is a simple, fun, and delicious treat that’s fun to give as gifts, too. Add your favorite mix-ins (dried fruits, seeds, nuts, or even a few chocolate chips!) to make it your own. Scoop into mason jars and tie with festive ribbon for a pretty and tasty homemade gift.


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