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Sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions: Month 2

According to Forbes, only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions! We wondered, what happens to the other 92% of people? How many of those set out to have a healthier year and what does it mean for the health of the nation when only a fraction of those who set health goals can reach them by the time Dec 31st rolls around?


When asked what the biggest challenges were when it came to sticking to New Year’s resolutions, most people cited time as the greatest obstacle. Mike, a father from South Florida, explained that his toddler is a very picky eater with a dairy sensitivity. His family’s New Year resolution was to take processed foods out of their diets and switch to more raw or fresh fruits and veggies – which we think is a fantastic goal! The problem is that he and his wife are employed full-time, which makes it extremely difficult to make meals from scratch.


Mike is not alone in his plight to provide his family a healthy meal. Most parents have to deal with picky eaters who resist eating fruits and vegetables and who would much rather eat junk food they see advertised on TV! Avid readers of our newsletter have already learned sneaky ways to add veggies into their children’s meals. Pureeing veggies into sauces, making healthy fruit smoothies, and adding oats to increase the nutritional content without making it too obvious are some of our past suggestions. Often times, these are quick additions that can make a big difference in the health content of a meal.


Organized Freezer

Throughout the years we have compiled many time saving tips from our chefs. Below are our favorite tips for your kitchen. You can find many more on our blog!


  1. Prep ahead. Make Sundays a kitchen day with the family! Chop, dice, and cook off as much food as possible so that you wont have to do it during the week.
  2. Buy colorful food storage containers and fun silicone spatulas for more kitchen fun times!
  3. Use your slow cooker! A slow cooker is a great investment that could be used to cook beans and hearty cuts of meat overnight or while you do other things around the house.
  4. Buy frozen fruits and vegetables. If time is just not on your side, buy frozen instead of canned. Frozen vegetables are often fresher than even those vegetables in the supermarket produce section because they are frozen immediately after harvest. They do not contain the high amounts of sodium that canned counter-parts often have.
  5. Make chicken, veggie, and beef stocks ahead of time and then freeze in ice cube trays for easy use throughout the week.
  6. Cook in batches, then freeze. This is perfect for soups! Make a large batch of soup and freeze it in Ziploc bags so that a simple reheat can give you a great weekday dinner.

Wholesome Tummies also has a lot of great tips for feeding your family healthy meals.  Take a look through our blog for ideas and suggestions for your family!


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